Griddled Cinnamon Roll
Homemade cinnamon roll, cut in pieces, buttered. Topped with butter cream and caramel sauce. $10

Made fresh daily in our molcajete. Served with tortilla chips and our three signature salsas $10

Hopper's Poppers
Halved Jalapenos stuffed with a blend of four cheeses and served on a sizzling skillet. Four or eight to an order $9/$15

Azteca Soup
Spicy chipotle broth, chicken, avocado, cilantro, panela cheese, and lime. Topped with crispy tortilla strips $7/$10

Green Chile Posole
Tender pieces of pork and hominy in a green chile broth topped with shredded cabbage, onions and cilantro $7/$10

Specialty Items

Breakfast Enchiladas
Scrambled eggs, carne asada, chorizo and manchego cheese in corn tortillas topped with a guajillo chile sauce. Served with a side of charro beans $16

Steak and Eggs
Wood grilled carne asada with two eggs and roasted root vegetable hash served with sourdough toast $16

Stacked Enchiladas
Corn tortillas, chicken, manchego cheese, charro beans and Hatch green chile sauce topped with egg, salsa fresca, queso fresco. $16

Verde Vaqueros
Green chile beer biscuits with Schrieners southwest smoked sausage gravy. Served with scrambled eggs and smoked bacon $14

Atole Pinon Hotcakes
Griddled blue corn masa and toasted pinenuts. Topped with strawberry butter. Served with bacon $13

Cowboy Hash
Roasted root vegetables tossed with Schrieners linguisa sausage and chorizo. Topped with fried eggs, salsa verde and salsa fresca $15

Southwestern Benedict
Panko crusted eggs atop green chile beer biscuits with cure 81 ham, roasted poblano hollandaise and roasted root vegetables. $15

Mikey's Special
Two eggs, crispy bacon and fried potatoes. Mikey liked to smother it all in Oaxacan salsa, but that is up to you. Served with sourdough toast $12

Vegetable Omelette
Three eggs filled with asparagus, baby spinach, roasted peppers, jalapeno jack cheese and Mexican grey squash. Served with roasted root vegetable hash $14

Panchos B.L.T. Sandwich
Schreiner’s bacon, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo, guacamole, on a telera bun, served with French fries. $15

Chicken and Biscuits
Green chile biscuit, buttermilk chicken cracked black pepper gravy and maple syrup $15

Guajillo Chilaquiles
Crispy corn tortilla chips, topped with manchego cheese, Guajillo sauce, two eggs, red onion, tomatoes, queso fresco and crema. $15

Southwestern Omelette
Three eggs, cheddar cheese, chorizo, baby spinach, black bean relish, topped with grilled Linguisa sausage and salsa de arbol, served with five-spice potatoes. $15

Lunch Items

Sierra Bonita Salad
Mixed greens, blackberries, gorgonzola, tomatoes, spiced pecans, red onions, balsamic vinaigrette. $13

Wood-Grilled Burger
Lettuce, onion, tomato, fresh pickles, rustic bun $13

Carne Asada Tacos
Pesto mayonnaise, cabbage, salsa fresca, panela cheese and cilantro in corn tortillas. Served with rice and beans. $15

Grilled Coriander Crusted Fish Tacos
Chipotle lime aioli, lime marinated cabbage, salsa fresca, panela cheese, rice, beans $MP

Fish -n- Chips
Lightly breaded and served with crispy fries, green chile tarter sauce, coleslaw, tomato and lime wedges.$16

Catch of the Day
Ask Server for Details $MP

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