SB-RanchThe Sierra Bonita Grill is named after the historic Sierra Bonita Ranch in Southeastern Arizona. Founded by Henry Hooker in 1872, Sierra Bonita Ranch was known for its innovative ranching methods and unparalleled hospitality. Today, Sierra Bonita Grill celebrates our state’s ranching heritage, customs and traditions by bringing you the tastes of the southwest.

Our offerings are influenced by American ranching families and early Spanish settlers all blended together to bring you the exciting taste of the southwestern United States. Not to mention the best hamburger you can find west of the Mississippi.

Sierra Bonita invites you to relax and enjoy a dining experience that celebrates these influences on Arizona’s culture. We hope you’ll feel the spirit and hospitality of Henry Hooker and other pioneer ranchers each time you visit us.


Sierra Bonita Grill | 6933 N. 7th St. | Phoenix, AZ 85014 |602-264-0700                                                  pinterest-gif 
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